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Brothers In Arms

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My short story, Would You Wait For Me? is part of the Brothers In Arms Anthology.


Kip made a promise to Lucas that he’d come home to him after his tour overseas, but will Lucas be waiting for him like he promised?

Kip Foster is nearly finished with his tour overseas and is ready to leave the hot desert and constant threat of danger. He hopes to reunite with his lover, Lucas Danvers. When he calls to ask Lucas to meet him at their hotel, however, Lucas breaks it off with him. Lucas no longer wants to be his dirty little secret. He says he’s waited long enough for Kip to make a choice and he hasn’t. Devastated, Kip realizes how much he loves Lucas and that if he’s to win him back he needs to do something big. He needs to not let hate and fear control his life. So he makes plans to start living life the way he wants to. Will Lucas still be waiting when he comes home, though?

Published by Pride Publishing and available here!brothersinarmsanth_9781786515148_postcard

His Soldier Available Now at WHSmith!

hissoldier_mass_4I have been waiting to share this exciting news for so long! Now, I can finally tell you all that you can buy His Soldier in selected branches of WHSmith across the UK! I’m so excited that my book was included in the first collection of books by Totally Entwined to come out in Mass Market Print. I hope this is the start of GLBT fiction becoming mainstream. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my book on a shelf in a bookstore and now it’s come true! Congratulations to all my fellow authors included in the launch!PP_AuthorSocial_FacebookHeader_0002_final (1)

A Christmas Kindness Available Now!


A Christmas Kindness

Now available at MLR Press!

David Winters only has one wish this Christmas: to find the man he met and ran away from last Christmas at a masquerade party.

David Winters fell for a man at a Christmas masquerade party last year. The only problem? His sister and his niece needed him so instead of pursuing anything, David ran away and didn’t find out who he was. Now, his niece, Jenna wants to organize a toy charity drive at a children’s hospital which leads David to reunite with Officer Stephen Lauer. The sparks fly again and with a little Christmas kindness maybe the two of them can make a few wishes come true…including their own.

Published by MLR Press and available here!

Release: A Christmas Wish, free read!


A Christmas Wish

Now available for free at Pride Publishing!

Six years after His Soldier, Ryder and Dean are happily married and getting ready for Christmas. Their five-year-old daughter, Charlotte asked Santa for a puppy. On Christmas Eve, Ryder and Dean try to make her Christmas wish come true, but will a Scrooge ruin their plans? Or will they be able to surprise Charlotte on Christmas morning?

Published by Pride Publishing and available here!

Guest Post: N.J. Nielsen’s Harder & Harder to Breathe Available Now!

12249996_642729735830327_65488551396365645_nHidden Hearts 1

Releasing: November 20th

Publisher: Fireborn Publishing





Sammy has loved Micah from the first moment they’d met, but Micah is straight. Years later when he’s threatened and he seeks and receives Micah’s help, Sammy begins to think maybe Micah isn’t so straight after all.


Disaster brings people together in the most unexpected ways. Sammy Ranmore has just become the Steins brothers’ next target in their ongoing scam. Being robbed then shot at, his life is falling apart. Who is after him and why? He needs a friend.


Micah Ives was over the unrequited love he’d felt for Sammy. Two years later his life is finally on track–or so he thinks. One phone call in the early hours of the morning has Micah running to save the day–and Sammy.


Sammy moved to Gatton to be closer to the one person he’d never get over. When his life gets thrown a curve ball of epic proportions, he calls Micah for help. With the help of family, Micah and Sammy must find out if they’re strong enough to face evil–and see where newfound love can take them.



“Honey, why are you calling me so late?” Micah cringed at both the endearment slipping free and the tenderness of his own voice as he heard his ex-flatmate speaking. Actually, he was kind of surprised he even recognised Sammy’s voice when he’d answered the phone. Two years was a long time after the bittersweet end to their time sharing a flat. Now, to suddenly be woken up at–he looked across to the clock on his nightstand–shit! It was three a.m. A sniffle on the other end of the line had all sense of tiredness fleeing from his body, and Micah suddenly found himself wide awake. Once again the strong need to slay all of Sammy’s dragons was flooding Micah’s system. He wondered if he offered his help again, would he get the same reaction as last time. Still, he couldn’t stop himself from asking. “Why are you crying? Is everything okay?”


“I didn’t know who else to call. Bradley left me. He took everything and left. I’m…I–” A broken sob filled the line as Sammy shattered on the other end of the phone. Micah needed Sammy to tell him what the hell was going on.


“Sammy, where are you? I’m coming to get you. I need to know where I can find you.” Tossing back the sheet, Micah stood, went to his closet, and grabbed the first things his hand fell on as he coaxed Sammy’s location from him.


Sammy rattled off his address and shock slammed into him when Micah realised his old friend had been living in the same township and he hadn’t even known it. Why hadn’t they ever run into each other? It wasn’t like Gatton was some huge city. Surely if Sammy had been here for any length of time they would have crossed paths before now. There were so many questions he’d have to ask.


“I’ll be there in a couple of minutes, hon. Tomorrow you can decide what else you need to do.” Again he cringed at the term of endearment and couldn’t believe what a goober he was sounding like.


Micah’s hands shook as he grabbed his keys from the top of his dresser and left his house. By the time he’d gotten into his car and set out, he realised he hadn’t even locked his front door. Pulling out his phone, he dialled a number he knew well. The music died in the stereo when his Bluetooth kicked in. He also knew Kayne would just be getting up to get ready for work. Being in demolition, sometimes jobs required travel and an early start on the road.


“Hey, Micah, do you know what time it is?” Kayne yawned over the line.


Micah chuckled. “Of course I do, and I know you’re up since I just passed your house.”


“What the hell are you doing out at this time of the morning?” Kayne asked. “I thought you were coming in late today. If you’re going to work, why didn’t you pick me up?”


“I’ll be in later. I really need you to do me a favour. On your way to work, can you to stop and lock up my place? I had to leave in a bit of a hurry. Make sure I turned the lights off as well.”


“What’s happened? Is it Jacen or your dad? Do you need me to come with you?”


The worry in his friend’s voice was comforting in a weird way. Micah had always known that no matter what else life threw at them, Kayne would have his back. They had been best friends since high school. Nowadays they didn’t get to spend as much time together other than when they spoke at work. Ever since Teagan had given birth to Macen, she had curbed who her husband could hang out with. Micah had the feeling she was doing everything she could to separate Kayne from all of his friends. Mind you, whenever possible Kayne and Macen came to visit. Micah just wasn’t sure Teags knew about their visits. If she did, they would fall by the wayside. He’d never really understood why she’d always had such an intense dislike for both Ives brothers. Though, probably he got off a little lighter than Jacen did. Teags absolutely hated Jacen.


He responded. “The family’s fine. I’m going to help a friend. Do you remember Sammy?”


“The guy you shared a flat with in uni? Why’s he getting in touch now? I thought he told you to fuck off and leave him the hell alone.”


Micah sighed deeply. “Yeah he did, but he needs my help and I’m going to go get him. Apparently he lives on the other side of town. I didn’t even know he’d moved to Gatton.”


“Are you sure this is a good thing, Micah? I don’t want to see you go through what you did a couple of years ago.”


The lie forming on his lips made him feel guilty, as Kayne was practically the only person outside of his family he was completely truthful with. Well…almost. “This time I won’t try to be the guy’s protector. I’ve learnt my lesson. He asked, so I’m just helping him out of his tough spot.”


“Hmmm, I’ll believe it when I see it. You’ve always treated the guy the same way you do Jacen and look how that ended up. Your brother moved two states to get away from you.” Even though Kayne sounded like he was joking, Micah knew his friend missed Jacen probably as much as much as Micah did.


Micah blurted out before he could stop himself. “He didn’t leave because of me. He left because of you. You hovered over him just as much as I did, buddy.” Cursing inwardly, he was glad his friend wasn’t in the car with him and couldn’t see the truth on his face. Micah had always sucked at lying. Jacen had once told him his face was like an open book. Every emotion he’d ever felt was clearly written for all to see. He didn’t truly believe Kayne had anything to do with Jace leaving, but he did suspect Teags had a hand in it.


Laughter trickled over the line. “God, you’re an idiot. You keep thinking what you want, but we all know Jace ran from you. Go be your knight in shining armour and I’ll shut your place up like the good friend I am. I’ll even drop by tonight for a beer to find out what happened with you and golden boy.”


As the call ended Micah pulled up in front of a set of units on Woodlands Road. He didn’t even have to hazard a guess at which unit Sammy lived in because it was the only one with all the lights on and it had police both entering and leaving.


Holy shit! What the hell is going on?



NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ arguing with Vlad, her muse, or writing about the wonderful men in her stories, you’ll find her reading work by other authors she greatly admires. NJ lives on five acres situated in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career (even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names), and her variety of pets. NJ thinks anyone who takes the time to read her stuff is totally awesome, and wants to thank you all.



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achristmaswish_free_800Six years after His Soldier, Ryder and Dean are happily married and getting ready for Christmas. Their five-year-old daughter, Charlotte asked Santa for a puppy. On Christmas Eve, Ryder and Dean try to make her Christmas wish come true, but will a Scrooge ruin their plans? Or will they be able to surprise Charlotte on Christmas morning?

Available as a free read with Pride Publishing!



Asher & Emmett

Now available at MLR Press!

On a romantic getaway in Alaska, Asher & Emmett will risk it all to save others when an earthquake hits and turns their paradise into a disaster zone.

Celebrating their fifth anniversary, Asher and Emmett are on a romantic getaway in a cabin in Alaska. They have plans to adopt when they return home. But their paradise is destroyed when a huge earthquakes hits. Being a firefighter and a paramedic, both men put themselves at risk to save others when the tragedy strikes. Will they be able to make it home to start a family?

                                                  Read an Excerpt.

Published by MLR Press and available here!

Memorial Day

memorial-day-gratitude-5I wanted to say thank you to all those that have served or are currently serving along with your families.

Ryder and Dean insisted I write this story and share it on Memorial Day. It’s just a brief snippet set seven years after His Soldier.



His Soldier – Memorial Day

“Here you go, ladybug,” Dean said, giving his daughter her snack of apple slices and string cheese.
Charlotte munched on an apple slice. “Thank you, Daddy. Daddy, there is no school Monday. My teacher says it is um, Memory Day.”

With a chuckle, Dean corrected her gently, “Memorial Day.”

She bobbed her head. “To say thank you to Papa and Uncle Joel.”

“That’s right, a thank you to all those who have served for our country.” Dean sat beside her at the table. She was so clever for a four-year-old. And cute as a button. He tucked one of her copper-red curls back behind her ear. “Did you tell your class about Papa?”

“Uh-huh. I said Papa is a hero with a special leg ‘cause he saveded Uncle Joel.”

“Saved, and we are very lucky to have them both.” Dean kissed the top of his daughter’s head.

“You know your Uncle Dax was a hero too. He was in the army just like Papa.”
Charlotte gazed at him with her bright green eyes. “Nana visits him. Can we do that too? And say thank you.”

“I think that is a really nice idea, sweetie.” Dean smiled. “We’ll go on Monday, okay? But you know, Char, you won’t be able to see or talk to him.”

“I know, Daddy. He’s an angel. Nana says you cannot see him but he is there and he will be happy to see us. I’m going to go draw a picture for Uncle Dax!” Charlotte jumped up and dashed off.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Dean stayed there, thinking of his brother Dax and the sacrifice he had made.


On Memorial Day, Dean, Ryder and Charlotte took the drive to the cemetery to visit Dax. Charlotte had her picture and flowers which they helped her put in a holder by the gravestone.
Charlotte then started chatting about her picture.

Ryder put his arm around Dean and tugged him close. “We’ve got a special little girl,” Ryder whispered.
Laying his head on Ryder’s shoulder, Dean said, “We do. I wish Dax could’ve met her. He’d have been a great uncle…” He trailed off, unable to continue.

“She’ll still know him, love. We’ll make sure of that.” Ryder kissed his temple. “One day we can tell her the story of how he brought us together.”

Dean nodded. “I can’t believe it’s been almost seven years. I still miss him.” Ryder thumbed away a stray tear.

Before Ryder could speak, Dean turned to him. He cupped Ryder’s face and brushed their lips together. “I’m so lucky to have you and this beautiful life you’ve given me.”

Ryder smiled. “I love you.”

Dean kissed him again. “I love you, too.”

Charlotte waved them over. “Daddy, Papa, will you tell me the story again?”

“Of course, ladybug.” Ryder knelt down and he and Dean settled beside their daughter. Ryder lifted Charlotte into his lap and hugged her close. Dean put his arms around them both and told Charlotte the story of how they’d met and fell in love.

Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia!



Today, May 17th, is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Groups around the world will be celebrating the day in various ways and you can follow it all through the IDAHOT page:

The Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia starts today and ends on the 24th. Over 100 authors, publishers, reviewers, and cover designers of LGBT literature are taking part in the hop to spread the message about bi-, trans-, and homophobic discrimination, and stand together against discrimination of our books.

Now to be honest, I’m not prepared. I should have been but well, real life has decided to explode on me. I’m dealing with a family drama that’s really taking its toll on me. Still, this is important so I’m going to briefly talk. It’s always a pleasure to participate in this Hop each year. Love in all its forms should be celebrated. The Hop moves us to celebrate one another and break free from labels. We all want to love and be loved for who we are. Love is love. I even recently had that tattooed on my arm. To show my belief in that and my support for all of us who just want to be happy and loved. 🙂

It’s tradition to offer a prize so I’m offering one of my ebooks from my backlist to three people who comment. The winners will be chosen at random and may choose which ebook and in what format. I will draw the winners on the 25th and contact them, so please include your email or a way for me to contact you (e.g. a facebook link) in your comment. And please be sure to visit all the other blogs for great words and giveaways!

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His Soldier Reviewed at Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews!

unnamedHis Soldier was reviewed over at Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews! It was given 5 handcuffs, wow! And the review is

Here’s a snippet: Ms. Lee took this reader through the pangs of war, loneliness and despair and the prospect that love and life are possible even when times are at its most desperate. His Soldier was not a tale of feeling sorry but of survival. The ability to always look for the good when life throws you curve balls, and know that someone will be there to pick up you, hold on tight and love you unconditionally. Both Dean and Ryder learned these valuable lessons along the way.

His Soldier hit it out of the park.”

His Soldier is available now with Totally Bound.