The Ultimate Find was reviewed at MM Good Book Reviews!

The Ultimate Find was reviewed over at MM Good Book Reviews! It was given 3 1/2 Hearts and it is a wonderful review that I’m very happy with and it made me smile that the reviewer’s favorite part was one I hoped all Whovians would like. 🙂

Here’s a snippet: “Kevin and Aaron make a great couple. this story shows us their first ‘date’ and the fun, and near disasters, they go through… my favorite part of the book? In the barn, up in the loft when they uncover the object in the corner, Whovians will love it!! 

I recommend this to those that love great characters, connecting with someone special, some heated kisses, a cute kid and the beginning of something great.” 


The Battle for Galerir Reviewed at The Armchair Reader!

AL_TheBattleForGalerirThe Battle for Galerir was reviewed over at The Armchair Reader! It was rated as: Pretty Good and it is a wonderful review that I’m pleased and happy with. 🙂

Here’s a snippet: “The structure of the overall plot arc was not what I was expecting at all, but I’m excited by it. The forte of this story isn’t the politics of the world and the war, those act simply as a catalyst to explore the magikal world, creatures and people and mostly the relationship between Tomas and Griffin. It is, if I could describe it well enough, a more sweet and gentle exploration of a fantasy. I like that. I liked the first book okay, but after reading the second one I’m really interested and hooked on the series.”


The Prince of Galerir was Reviewed at Joyfully Reviewed!

The Prince of Galerir got an amazing review from Joyfully Reviewed! “The Prince of Galerir is truly a worthy adventure tale of treachery, redemption, and romance.  Both men are impressionable and young, yet their inner strength and honesty shines through – they believe that good will triumph.  An engaging cast, spirited drama, and sensuality makeThe Prince of Galerir a rousing success.  Immediate threats are overcome and their love prevails, but this story isn’t over.

I’m over the moon right now!!! 😀 And they are right, the story is far from over! I’m writing more and there’s lots in store for Tomas, Griffin, and their dragon Sera. Currently the second story is in edits, I’ll keep everyone posted! 😀

The Armchair Reader Reviewed Christmas Hopes!

Christmas_HopesChristmas Hopes got a lovely review from The Armchair Reader! They gave it a rating of Pretty Good and said: “In the end, I really enjoyed the book. It’s sweet and left me with a smile on my face. I would have liked to have seen more of Trevor but I still really liked the relationship they created. The ending, however, was absolutely precious, I thought.”

You can see the rest of the review here.

Literary Nymphs Reviewed The Prince of Galerir!

The Prince of Galerir got an awesome review from Literary Nymphs! They gave it 4 Nymphs and said, “Anna Lee has created an exceptionally enjoyable saga. Tomas and Griffin are honorable men who freely express their love to each other, as well as display consideration for everyone they have contact with. I especially enjoyed their interactions with the dragon hatchling.”

This has made my day!! 😀

MM Good Book Reviews The Broken Road!

Very exciting! I already got a great review from MM Good Book Reviews for The Broken Road. They gave it 3 1/2 Hearts! And they said:

“A really sweet love story that isn’t too overpowering or over the top. We see aspects of Kason and Ryen relationship as it develops and they get to know each other. We see them fall in love and see how they respect each other and also how they protect each other. The supporting characters are really well written and I am glad that we briefly met both Kason’s and Ryen’s extended family, because they do add a lot to the emotional side of the story. There are a couple of brief sex scenes between Ryen and Kason, which are really hot and show us just how well-suited these two men are.

I will recommend this to those who love men who rise from the ashes of tragedy, who find true love that makes them better men, who have hot sex and plan on living happily ever after.”

Check out the whole review here!