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Today Lynley Wayne is visiting to talk with us about her new novel, Facing Demons. It’s an incredible and moving story, that is a must read.  First, we have the blurb and then an interview with Lynley! 🙂


At the age of fifteen, Seth Dempsey gave his heart to Cameron Reyes. Three years later, Cam shattered it when he walked away. When Cam blows back into Seth’s life years later, Seth knows he will do whatever it takes to ensure Cam doesn’t slip away again. Even if it means going up against a corrupt DEA agent and a drug cartel.

Cameron Reyes was born on the wrong side of the tracks. He fell in love with Seth, but knew the only way to keep him safe was to leave, no matter how much it hurt. Eleven years later, when his life implodes, he knows the only person he can trust is the boy whose heart he broke all those years ago.

While they fight to stay one step ahead of everyone and clear Cam’s name, can they learn to work together in order to face down the demons of the past and find the happily ever after they have dreamed of?

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Me: Welcome to my humble blog, Lynley, and thank you for taking the time to talk to me. How are you?

Lynley: I’m good. Thanks for having me.

Me: I’m so excited to have you stop by. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Lynley: There’s really not much to tell. I’m in my thirties, married, with no kids. I’ve always loved to read and write. I wrote my first story when I was in first or second grade. I’m a huge geek. I don’t have much time for reading since I became published, but when I do read I enjoy an eclectic list of genres. Same goes with music, although I don’t listen to music very often these days.

Me: I really enjoyed Facing Demons. And you know I love Seth and Cam. Can you tell us a little about Facing Demons?

Lynley: Seth and Cam have known one another since they were kids. When they hit their teens, the relationship between the two of them changes. In typical Cam fashion, he fights it at first. Seth stands firm and eventually wears Cam down. That basically sums up each of their personalities. Cam fights everything, even when it’s something he wants. Seth, he knows what he wants and he goes after it. Circumstances cause them to go their separate ways.

Years later, when Cam’s in trouble, he turns to the one person in the world he knows he can trust. Seth Dempsey.

Me: So, what inspired you to write the series? Are your characters inspired from real life? Why do you write what you do?

Actually, I never intended to write a series. When I started writing Scars it was meant to be a standalone. I was about two thirds of the way through it when I knew it was going to have to write Rocky and Landon’s story, which became Rocky’s Road.  Both of them were written in early 2010. After I finished Rocky’s Road I knew I was going to have to write Seth’s story. It took me a few years and more drafts than I want to admit, before I finally got it right. It wasn’t until I realized I was going to have to go back to the beginning and start there, rather than trying to tell it all from present day, that it finally clicked. Still it took me around six months to finally produce a first draft I was happy with.

The only character in the series that is based on a real person is, Nathaniel from Scars. He also happens to be the one character that people have told me is the most unrealistic. Something I always laugh about. Other than Nathaniel though, all of my characters are made up. Sure other people or characters or events inspire some, but none of them are based on people I know.

I write Gay Romance because I think love is beautiful in all its forms. I have people close to me who fall on the LGBTQI spectrum and this is my way of trying to make the world a better place for them.

Me: How does your writing process work? How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Lynley: I’m not sure I have a writing process, per se.  I try to write every day. It doesn’t always happen and on occasion I will take a day off. Sometimes even two. For the most part though, I will make myself a cup of chai tea, head into my office, light a scented candle, and get to work. I’m not a plotter, so I hardly ever know what I’m going to write or where I’m headed. I just sit down at the computer and listen to what my characters are telling me. I wish I was one of those writers who could have music playing in the background, but I’m not. I need quiet to work. Otherwise, I can’t hear my characters.

For me, a first draft can take anywhere from a week to six months. If the story is really flowing, then it’s nothing for me to write 20K or more a day. When it’s not… I’m lucky to get 20 words. With Facing Demons it took me around six months to write. A third of the way into it I realized it wasn’t working and ended up cutting over 16k words. Even after that I struggled with getting a first draft written. So it really depends on the story and how connected to it I am. If I can’t connect to my characters or the story then it is almost impossible for me to write.

Me: Do you have any favorites of the characters you’ve written?

Lynley: That’s a hard one. I love all my characters, even the difficult ones. However, I would have to say Nathaniel and Cam are my favorites to date. Nathaniel, because he’s based on a real person and Cam, because he’s a character that I’ve had in my head since I was in high school. I’ve carried him with me for years, watching him grow up.

Me: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrities would you like to star as your heroes?

Lynley: Wow, that’s a hard one. If A Life Interrupted was made into a movie, I think I’d want John Barrowman to play Travis. He has that laid back, yet goofy quality about him that I think would work well for Travis. For Dan… maybe Mark Ruffalo. He did an outstanding job in The Normal Heart and I think he would be able to bring the emotion to the story that it deserves.

(Me: I have to say, I love these choices! And could see both actors in those roles. 🙂 I totally want to see this as a movie now.)

Me: What are currently working on?       

Lynley: I’m working on the sequel to, A Life Interrupted. I’m also working to finish up a few of the several hundred WIPs I have at the moment.

Me: When you’re not writing, what do you like to do?

Lynley: Sleep. LOL! Seriously, when I’m not writing or doing something writing related then I’m either cooking supper for my hubby, doing the housework that I can no longer ignore, or sleeping. For the past several years my life has revolved around writing. For the last year, I’ve been working toward getting published in another genre, under a different pen name. It’s slow going because so much of my time has been spent working on Facing Demons. So when I’m not being Lynley Wayne, I’m usually busy being my other alter ego. Which leaves very little time for anything else.

Me: Where can we find you on the net?

You can find me on my website

On Twitter at

On Facebook at and

I’m also on google+  my email address is

Thanks for joining us, Lynley. 🙂

Thanks so much for having me. 🙂

Author Bio:

ATL_Lynley Wayne_BW copy (1)Lynley Wayne is the pen name of a thirty-something female living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. When not writing, she can usually be found reading and thinking up creative ways to avoid housework. She is married to a very understanding man who doesn’t complain when she spends hours in front of the computer, or talks for hours about whatever story she’s working on, or asks random off the wall questions. He also keeps her fed on those occasions when her muse has taken over and she loses days at a time. Yeah, basically he’s vying for sainthood.

Lynley strongly believes everyone is entitled to their own version of happiness, no matter how it may differ from the norm. She writes characters she wants to read and hopes others like reading about them as much as she enjoyed writing them.

It is her hope that one day society will be able to look past the labels and see the person behind them. That they will realize we are all the same. Until that time comes, she will continue telling stories of a love others may believe is wrong, but she thinks is nothing short of beautiful.

Anna Lee

Writen by Anna Lee

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