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MV_Hooked_2013Anna Lee, thank you for featuring me on your blog today. I’m very lucky to be here and talk about my novella HOOKED, published in august by MLR Press for their Average Joe series.

Hooked is about Robin Lloyd, a handsome self-made businessman who likes his freedom and his one night stands. He goes out to a club and hooks up with Tyler, not realizing until they are in his apartment that Tyler is in fact a prostitute. He’s embarrassed and a little ashamed, but still goes ahead with it, and has such an amazing time, he quickly becomes obsessed with Tyler.

Throughout the story, Tyler remains a little bit of a mystery. He’s fairly cruel to Robin, but underneath his cold exterior, there’s deep attraction too. He fights it, though, until something terrible happens and the two of them are thrown together under not so pleasant circumstances.

I’ll leave it up to the reader to discover if they manage to work things out between them ;-).

Here is a little excerpt!

As soon as they stepped into the elevator Robin had Tyler pinned against its cushioned wall. Tyler made a surprised sort of umph noise when Robin started kissing him wildly. “Easy,” Tyler breathed into Robin’s mouth. After hesitating for a beat he began to kiss back, hands sliding down Robin’s stomach, over his hips, pulling him closer.

Robin was breathless by the time they made it to his door. His shirt hung out of his jeans, and Tyler’s hands were drawing tingling paths over his skin. He barely had the presence of mind to locate his keys and push the door open. They stumbled through. Fumbling for the light on the wall, Robin bit his bottom lip to hold back a needy sound. Usually he felt more in control of the situation at this point.

Tyler’s breath puffed hot against his neck, lips murmuring on his skin. “Tell me what you want, baby.”


Tyler reached for Robin’s shirt, and Robin’s breath caught in his throat as Tyler’s long fingers moved deftly down the row of buttons. He made a small noise of appreciation at Robin’s partly revealed abs. Robin was broader than him, and he guessed Tyler liked that. He shuddered when Tyler licked his earlobe. Whatever Tyler had in store for him, Robin wanted it desperately. The entryway led to an open-plan kitchen and living room, but Robin intended to bypass the couches and take Tyler straight to his bedroom.

“All right,” Tyler said, pushing away a little so he could look at Robin. “A hundred and fifty for a fuck, fifty more for anything extra. And we use condoms. I’ll top or bottom, whatever you prefer.”

Robin stared at Tyler, his heart beating out a sickening rhythm in his chest. His brain seemed to have slowed down because he couldn’t quite understand the meaning of Tyler’s words. “What?” he croaked, shaking his head, because this couldn’t be right. “You want money? You’re a hooker?” he demanded while Tyler stood there looking at him.

“Well, yes, what did you think?” Tyler said slowly. For a second he appeared confounded, but that expression was gone by the time he finished his sentence.

“That you were just –” Easy. Robin felt the blood drain from his face as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He felt sick. Without another word he walked into the kitchen, pulled a bottle of vodka from the freezer, and took a swig, not bothering with a glass. He jumped a little when Tyler leaned against the counter next to him, holding out a hand for the bottle. He didn’t know why, but he handed it over.

“You seriously didn’t know?” Tyler asked a little doubtfully, bringing the bottle to his mouth. He drank, hissed, and put it down on the counter.

“No, I didn’t,” Robin admitted. Ignoring how his fingers shook, he ran the tap and splashed his face with cold water as if that would somehow wash him clean of this.

“Really?” Tyler laughed and it sounded a bit disbelieving. “Do you always score that easily?”

Robin glared, or tried to. The truth was he was still incredibly turned on, and Tyler was standing there, relaxed, like it was the most normal thing in the world. A prostitute. Fuck.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Robin said. He managed, barely, not to flinch when Tyler reached out a hand and touched his jaw.

“Yeah,” Tyler said, his eyes roving over Robin like he was taking in all the details for the first time. “I bet you do.”


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