Would You Wait For Me? Reviewed at Gay Book Reviews!

wouldyouwaitforme_800Would You Wait For Me? was reviewed over at Gay Book Reviews! It was given 5 Stars, wow! And the review is incredible, it made my week!

Here’s a snippet: “This is one of those books that I really enjoy because it is really close to reality. It is one of those books I can picture being a true story for some people, especially people who are in the military and staying in the closet for fear of not having anyone watch their backs while fighting for their country. It is sad that things are like that but they are. Anna Lee did an amazing job at telling this story and making it so close to reality. It was beautifully written and a very emotional story. It was an amazing read.

Would You Wait For Me? is available now with Pride Publishing.

Anna Lee

Writen by Anna Lee

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