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First, I would like to thank Katherine Halle for inviting me to participate in this! Her website is: Katherine Halle. If you like shifters, demon hunters, chefs, and cowboys, be sure to check her awesome stories out. And she is the Queen of Happy Endings! 😀

So here’s the deal, I answer four questions, tell you a little bit about my writing process and then the tour moves on. Here we go!

1) What am I working on?

I’m working on three stories at the moment. The first, Reuniting Galerir is currently being reviewed by my editor. It is the third story in The Galerir Saga. Tomas and Griffin’s journey continues as they fight for their love and to reunite a torn kingdom.

The second has a working title, Letter from Home. It’s the story of Dean and Ryder who become army pen pals. Ryder is severely injured in combat, saving another man’s life. He loses his leg and is devastated. When he comes home he’s broken and bitter, believing he can’t start a relationship with Dean. But Dean isn’t about to give up on him…

And the third doesn’t have a title yet. It’s about a dragon shifter, Rowan, trapped on a mountain due to a spell. And then Gillian’s plane crashes and lands the man right in the dragon’s lap…Rowan is in for quite a surprise when he realizes Gil is his mate and has secrets of his own…

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hmm, well I’ve been told my writing is often sweet and fluffy. Of course I do have angst in my stories and it’s not all happy, but I do tend to write on the lighter side. A few friends call me the Queen of Fluff. I’m a firm believer in Happy Endings and always give them to my characters. I’m a happy person, I like writing happy stories that hopefully make my readers smile.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write what I know like disabilities and families. I’m also a history buff and love reading/writing about the past. And I write fantasy because you can create your own world and mythology. It’s fun to put together a world brick by brick and explore all the possibilities. Plus, I just love dragons. And if I don’t know something but get an idea then I do lots of research.

4) How does your writing process work?

I’m a seat of my pants girl. I write as it comes to me. I let the characters drive the story and let them take me where they want it to go. For instance, Letters from Home, I had an idea of pen pals writing one another. Then I thought what would keep them apart? Which led to Ryder being in the military and figuring out why Dean would write him to begin with. From there it was finding out how to bring them together and possibly drive them apart. Which is when I thought of Ryder getting injured and having his whole world turned upside down. Of course then he has to start healing and Dean is the one he needs to  come to terms with everything and accept that life isn’t over, it’s just beginning. So, yeah that’s how I think things out as I write.

So there you have it! That’s my process and what I’ve been doing lately. 🙂


Next week, N.J. Nielsen, Lynley Wayne and Riley Shane have agreed to join the tour and talk about their writing process.

N.J. Nielsen’s writes paranormal romance with hot vamps and shifters. Her incredible series The Lines of Marsden and Sons of Evenmore are must reads. You can check her out here: N.J. Nielsen.

Lynley Wayne writes contemporary romance. Her novel, Rocky’s Road, is a finalist in the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Award. And A Life Interrupted is a beautiful love story that will tug at your heartstrings. You can check her out here: Lynley Wayne.

Riley Shane writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and steampunk romance. Her Seattle Marauders series with sexy hockey players is a scorching read. You can check her out here: Riley Shane.

Have a great weekend everyone! <3

Anna Lee

Writen by Anna Lee

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  1. oh wow bb, what a great post! Your WIPs sound awesome!! WOO HOOOO Good luck on all of them! Thanks for joining me on the tour <3333

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